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The laughing place

My Third story. Please remember I do not own anything in these stories as they belong to Walt Disney and therefore I do not gain any profit from writing them.

It had only been a few weeks since Brer Bear and Brer Fox had teamed up and already he was starting to get on Brer Fox’s last nerve. He had come up with some pretty brilliant ideas within that time and each one would have worked if Brer Bear hadn’t been there. Their last attempt to catch Brer Rabbit ended in a complete disaster only minutes ago.

Brer Fox had Brer Bear set up a trap similar to the one Brer Bear had been caught in just weeks before however this one was set up in a tree outside Brer Fox’s corn field. Unfortunately Brer Rabbit was wise enough to stay as far away from Brer Fox and Brer Bear as possible after he had almost been killed several times and so the trap had remained empty for several days. In that time Brer Bear forgot all about the trap. So when he passed by the rabbit dangling upside down and frantically trying to escape as Brer Fox rushed towards them with ax in hand, he easily fell for Brer Rabbit’s lies.

Brer Rabbit convinced him that he was working for Brer Fox as a scarecrow and was earning a dollar a minute just by dangling from the trap and making the bell ring. Brer Bear was in need of some money so he set Brer Rabbit free and put himself in the trap. Needless to say Brer Fox was not happy to see Brer Bear in one of his traps a second time.

“This bear is more trouble than he’s worth.” Brer Fox mumbled to himself as he and Brer Bear were heading back to Chick-a-pin Hill.

Brer Bear seemed to finally catch onto his friends foul mood and said “I’m really sorry I messed up again it won’t happen the next time, I promise .”

“Oh don’t worry I’m not mad at you.” Brer Fox said sweetly though what he really meant to say was this: “That’s what you always say you big fool! I’m still starving because of you.”

Brer Bear didn’t know what sarcasm was so he thought Brer Fox meant what he said and smiled happily at him. Seeing this made Brer Fox feel bad about his thoughts so he said gently, “Come on lets go to my house and think of a new plan.”

As they continued walking along they met a very angry looking Brer Coon sitting in the grass on the side of the road.

“What’s wrong Brer Coon?” asked Brer Fox.

Brer Coon looked up at them and some of his anger went away seeing who it was. “That Brer Rabbit tricked me out of all the fresh fish I caught this morning” he replied.

Out of all the animals of the brier country Brer Coon was the best fisherman. He could catch at least ten enormous fish in five minutes. He was also known for his kindness to others and willingness to share his catches.

This gave Brer Fox a great idea so he asked “Say Brer Coon why don’t you help us catch Brer Rabbit?”

Brer Coon looked startled by this. Everyone knew Brer Fox had been trying to catch and eat the mischievous rabbit for some time now and until just minutes ago he wanted no part in it.

“I won’t have to do anything dangerous will I?” he asked having heard stories of how some of the fox’s schemes weren’t very safe.

“No of course not.” Replied Brer Fox.

Before Brer Coon could say anything else he was being lead by Brer Fox and Brer Bear to the forest just behind Brer Fox’s home. There they spent the remainder of the day planning their next trap.

When they were finished Brer Fox said, “Alright it’s decided then, Brer Bear and I will get up early to set up the trap ,when we’re finished we’ll hide behind the huge maple tree over there,” he pause to point to an enormous tree with colorful autumn leaves that grew within sight of the river. “Then Brer Coon will go to Brer Rabbits house and lead him to the trap and we’ll finally get our Brer Rabbit stew.”

“well I don’t really want any but thanks anyway,” said Brer Coon. “We should be getting home now if this is going to work, see you all tomorrow.” he waved good bye and headed to his home.

The next morning just as planed Brer Fox and Brer Bear got up early and left their caves each with a shovel and some rope in hand. As soon as they reached the spot they were at the day before they began to dig a huge hole in the gowned. By noon they were finished ,covered it up, and quickly hid behind the maple tree.

Meanwhile Brer Coon was knocking on Brer Rabbit’s door and smiled happily when it opened. Brer Rabbit was surprised since he thought the raccoon would still be angry with him.

“What brings you here today Brer Coon?” he asked.

“I was wondering if you would like to go on a little fishing trip with me this afternoon. I know this really good spot that’s in the forest by Chick-a-pin hill.” said Brer Coon.

Not suspecting anything Brer Rabbit agreed and grabbed his fishing pole from his brier patch. Brer Coon then led the rabbit into the woods and just as the river was in sight the ground fell from beneath Brer Rabbit’s feet and he was trapped in a hole so deep he couldn’t get out.

Seconds later Brer Fox sprang out of his hiding place with a long piece of rope and hoped into the hole. He then tied Brer Rabbit up tightly so he couldn’t escape ,laughing to himself all the while.

“Come on Brer Bear we’re having barbecue rabbit for lunch today.” He said and started walking back to his cave with Brer Bear following behind him and Brer Coon waving goodbye.

Poor Brer Rabbit , it seemed like his days were finally numbered as he was hung by the rope on one of the cave walls watching what was happening around him. Brer Fox was acting like a kid in a candy store as he prepared his cooking fire while Brer Bear was sitting at a nearby table with a bib around his neck and a fork and knife already in hand.

Once the fire was going good Brer Fox took the roasting spit over to Brer Rabbit and tied him to it tightly.

“You’ve played your last trick on me Brer Rabbit, you sure have,”he said while laughing. He paused and went over by Brer Bear to put on his white chefs hat and apren. Then said in a menacing tone, “ Because you’re going to be my dinner and I’m going to barbecue you this verry minute, on this fire.” and as he said this he took up the spit and began turning it over the fire.

Things looked very grim for the poor rabbit at that moment. He was so afraid he was shaking like it was cold. Then an idea that might just save him poped into his head. He began to laugh as loud as he could while Brer Fox was turning the spit. He was so surprised to hear this coming from the rabbit that he stoped what he was doing,took him away from the fire, and put his hand over the hystericaly laughing creature's mouth.

“Now wait just a minute Brer Rabbit, maybe I need to do some explaining to you.” Said Brer Fox. “I said I was going to roast you ,on that fire.” he paused and pointed at the fire behind him. “Now is that something to be laughing about?”

“I’m sorry Brer Fox,” giggled Brer Rabbit. “ But you see I’ve just been thinking about my laughing place and every time I think about my laughing place I can’t stop.” he then burst into a loud fit of laughter.

Brer Fox saw what was happening right away and just hit himself in the face. ‘Really ,out of all the silly nonsense I’ve heard this rabbit say to get himself out of trouble, this is the silliest and most unbelievable thing ever. You’d have to be a fool among fools to believe that lie.’ thought Brer Fox.

Brer Bear thought what Brer Rabbit said was true though and took the spit away from Brer Fox. “Uh…um what?” said Brer Bear.

“Yes Brer Bear ?” asked Brer Rabbit with a goofy grin on his face. Clearly his plan was working like a charm.

“What’s a laughing place?”asked Brer Bear.

“Oh just a special place that only I know about.”said Brer Rabbit.

Brer Fox overheared their conversation of course and realized too late that Brer Bear was exactly the kind of fool who would believe in such a ridiculous story. Brer Fox took the spit away from Brer Bear and put it back over the fire so he could continue roasting Brer Rabbit. He then looked back at Brer Bear and said, “You keep out of this he’s just trying to trick you again. He’s just….” Brer Bear grabed his mouth to prevent him from saying anymore.

Brer Bear took the spit back off the fire and asked, “Where is this laughing place?’

Brer Rabbit looked down at where Brer Fox was cautiously to see he would be unable to interupt any time soon and said, “ Well how can I show you where it is if I’m all tied up like this?” Of course Brer Rabbit seemed to have forgotten just how stupid the bear was too because just as he said that Brer Bear set Brer Fox free from his grip in order to untie him from the roasting spit.

Immediately Brer Fox stoold up properly and shoved Brer Bear away from the rabbit.

“Keep your paws off this rabbit Brer Bear!”he said as he took up the spit,put it over the fire and began turning it once again. “ He’s mine and I’m going to roast him,I’m going to roast him right now, right on this fire and you aren’t going to stop me!”

Brer Bear got angry then and grabed Brer Fox by the neck with one hand and took the spit off the fire with the other. “Now look!” he growled menacingly while showing his sharp teeth.“I want to see that laughing place.”

Brer Fox was too afraid to say anything and just noded his head. Brer Bear then untied Brer Rabbit from the spit as well as the ropes they used to capture him with exept for one tight loop around the rabbit’s neck to prevent him from getting away. He handed the end of the rope to Brer Fox for him to hold onto and asked “Could you please show us to the laughing place now?”

“Well of caurse I can.” said Brer Rabbit and so he started hopping out of Brer Fox’s cave with Brer Fox keeping a tight hold on his rope and Brer Bear holding onto Brer Fox’s tail.

After several hours of being lead to absoutly no where and having Brer Bear constantly yanking on his tail while he and Brer Rabbit sang some ridiculous song Brer Fox’s patients had run out. The sun was setting and the autumn air was starting to get cooler. If Brer Fox didn’t know better he’d say the tricky rabbit had been making them circle the exact same clump of trees for awhile now.

Finally when Brer Rabbit started laughing and jumping up as high as he could to escape, Brer Fox decided to stop their wild gooschase. When Brer Rabbit jumped up once again he tuged as hard as he could to the rope and started pulling him closer. “Now listen here Brer Bear this has gone on far enough, it’s just another one of his tricks to make you look like a fool,you fool!”he said to Brer bear as he continued to reel the rabbit in. All the while Brer Rabbit was holding onto part of a neerby bush which he saw had a lage bee hive hidden inside.

“What ,it is?” asked Brer Bear

“Of course it is ,there’s no such thing as a laughing place.” replied Brer Fox

“There isn’t?”

“Course not! now come on.”

Just then a brilient idea came to Brer Rabbit who yelled over to them, “ Wait a minute, there it is, there is the laughing place!”

“Where?” asked Brer Bear excitedly.

“Right through there.” said Brer Rabbit smiling innocently and pointing to the bush next to him.

Brer Bear grinned and shoved Brer Fox out of the way. He sprinted to the bush yelling “Me first,me first!” all the way and dove in head first. After a few second had passed strange noised started coming from the bush and Brer Rabbit stealthily tried to sneek away. Unfortunatly Brer Fox knew what he was doing an pulled him over to where he was sitting by the rope still around his neck. Brer Fox was stairing in amaizment at the bush as he grabed Brer Rabbit by his ears. “Maybe there is such a thing as a laughing place.” he said quietly to himself. Indeed Brer Bear seemed to be locked in a hysterical laughing fit ever since he entered that bush.

Those thoughts were immediately dashed however when Brer Bear finally came out with a bee hive stuck to his nose and bees flowing out of his mouth when he said ,“ Hey Brer Rabbit there’s nothing but bees in there.”

Brer Fox couldn’t help himself then , this just had to be the funniest thing he’d seen in awhile. He cracked up laughing and pointed at Brer Bear. Then he said, “ You sure have made a fool out of yourself this time.I've never seen somebody look that silly before.” He started laughing again and didn’t knowtice the angry expression that came over Brer Bears face. Brer Bear took the bee hive off his nose and while Brer Fox had his eyes closed he took off the fox’s hat and shoved the hive onto his head.

Brer Fox yelped in pain and dropped Brer Rabbit as he tried to pull his head out of the hive. As soon as Brer Rabbit was free he began to laugh as well untill Brer Bear grabed him and groled angrily, “ Now look, you said this was a laughing place and I ain’t laughing!”

At that very moment Brer Fox managed to yank his head free of the bee hive and threw it at Brer Bear. Because of this Brer Rabbit was once again droped to the ground.

“I didn’t say it was your laughing place, I said it was mine” said Brer Rabbit as he watched and laughed at the other two animals be chased away by the hord of angry bees. And to celebrate yet another successful escape, Brer Rabbit played in the piles of colorful leaves that had fallen from the trees for an hour or two. Then since Brer Fox would undoubtedly be buisy with those bees for quite awhile, he took some more of those nice juicy vegetables and ate till he could eat no more.













      Yay my second story I hope you enjoy and please leave comments about my writing.


Long Ago Brer Fox and Brer Bear were neighbors but hardly ever talked to one another. Brer Fox thought Brer Bear was much too stupid to be good company for him and Brer Bear didn’t mind much because Brer Fox was too smart for him to understand most of the time. However that all changed just a few months after Brer Fox promised to eat Brer Rabbit one day. You see Brer Fox had begun to replant his garden right away and still had the biggest , juiciest fruits and vegetables in all the Brier country . But this time to protect his crops from Brer Rabbit he put all kinds of traps around the plants. In fact there were so many traps in his garden that even he could barely get in and out of it alive.

Everyone knew it was dangerous to go in there and no one ever did . However Brer Rabbit was determined to get some of the nice big carrots that grew right in the middle of the garden.

As he sat on the fence that surrounded the garden he tried to think of a way to get past the traps and to the carrots without being caught by Brer Fox. And as luck would have it Brer Bear happened to be coming down the road singing zip-a-dee--do-da to himself.

“ Howdy Brer Bear how are you today ?” said Brer Rabbit.

Brer Bear stopped right next to him and answered, “ Fine how about you?”

“ Well not too good . You see those carrots growing in there?” asked Brer Rabbit. When he received a nod from Brer Bear he continued , “ Those belong to my cousin who lives next to Brer Fox. He said I could have some but I can’t get to them . I was hoping you could help me.”

Brer Bear scratched his head and then looked at the garden and then back at Brer Rabbit. Something about all this didn’t seem right to him. He never heard of a rabbit living next to Brer Fox and that garden looked too much like Brer Fox’s garden of death for him to be comfortable with.

“You sure those are your cousins and not Brer Fox’s?” he asked Brer Rabbit.

“Of course, have I ever lied to you?” said Brer Rabbit.


“Then you’ll help me won’t you?”

Brer Bear was feeling sorry about doubting Brer Rabbit so he agreed to help him out . However just as soon as he put one foot over the fence a mouse trap slapped shut right on his toes. Brer bear yelped in pain and stumbled further into the garden and by the time he made it over to the carrots he was hanging upside down from a tall pine tree and was covered in mouse traps, huge thorns, and had a swarm of wasps stinging him all over.

Brer Rabbit laughed until he cried and stumbled safely across the garden to the carrots and began pulling them out of the ground. As he was about to leave with his prize he looked up at poor Brer Bear and couldn’t help but start laughing hysterically again.

When he finally calmed down he got up from the place he had been rolling around on the ground moments before and shouted through fits of giggles, “Thanks Brer Bear you were mighty helpful today.” and with that he hopped back to his home in the brier patch carrying a large bundle of carrots.

By this time the normally calm and gentle Brer Bear was thrown into a fit of rage and began wiggling around in the air to try and get himself down. “When I see that rabbit again I’m gonna knock his head clean off!” He growled to himself.

As Brer Bear struggled to get free ,the bell that Brer Fox tied to the end of his trap rang so loud it could be heard all the way from his home up on Chick-a-Pin Hill. At first Brer Fox thought it was just the wind since he didn’t think Brer Rabbit would dare mess with him again so soon after the last incident. But when the bell kept ringing wildly he decided to make sure there really was something in his trap. Sure enough when he climbed up the hollow log on top of his cave and used the long hollow branch as a telescope he saw something dangling in the air.

“ I got him! I got him!” he yelled excitedly. “Oh I sure do got him now and I won’t be letting him get away this time.”

Brer Fox quickly climbed back down to his cave , grabbed a big ax off the wall ,and started sharpening it while grinning excitedly and laughing to himself. Once he was finished he hurried over to his garden expecting to see a frightened and injured Brer Rabbit dangling high up into the air. What he saw was a very angry Brer Bear instead.

“OH NO!” yelled Brer Fox in dismay. “What are you doing in my trap Brer Bear?”

Brer Bear didn’t hear him though and continued to try and get himself down and ward off the wasps.

When Brer Fox didn’t get an answer he started looking around his garden for answers and found half of his carrots missing. There was only one explanation for this in Brer Fox’s mind and that was not good for Brer Bear. Brer Fox growled angrily and started hacking at the pine tree Brer Bear was hanging from with his ax.

“You’ve been trying to steel from me now too have you?” he asked as Brer Bear came tumbling down to the ground along with the tree.

“I have not!” said Brer Bear once he climbed out from under the trunk of the tree.

“Then what were you doing up there and why are my carrots missing?” asked Brer Fox.

“Brer Rabbit tricked me and then stole your carrots.” said Brer Bear. “I don’t even like carrots and when I see him again , I’m gonna knock his head clean off!”

Brer Fox knew from experience that Brer Bear must be telling the truth and calmed down a bit. “Now Brer Bear I’ve got a better idea,” he said.

“Like what ?” asked Brer Bear.

“I need help setting up my traps and you need somebody smart to come up with plans to catch him, so if you and me work together it’ll be easy and we can both have a nice bowl of Brer Rabbit stew.” said Brer Fox as he held out his hand for Brer Bear to shake.

Brer Bear thought about it for awhile and decided it wasn’t a bad idea at all. With that he shook Brer Fox’s hand , Brer Fox helped take care of his injuries and they have been best friends ever since.

           Yay my first story please give constructive critisism after reading.  Remember this is fan made and I own none of the charicters, places,or songs mentioned.

    Long ago all the critters of the Brier Country got along much better then they do now. Why back in those days even Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox were the best of friends and things were much better that way for everyone. Brer Rabbit never dreamed of tricking Brer Fox out of a meal, and Brer Fox never thought of having rabbit meat for dinner. In fact the only argument they ever had was about which of them was the smartest.

    But one year Brer Rabbit spent all his time having fun while everyone else was busy working hard to gather food for the winter, including Brer Fox. The days passed and the weather got colder and colder but Brer Rabbit still did nothing but play.

    Then on the last day of fall ,when everyone else had finished their work ,the animals had a huge party. Everyone was invited to come as long as they brought some of their food to be used for the feast that would be held later that night. Poor Brer Rabbit couldn’t go though because he had no food to bring so he went and sat on an old stump by the road. As he started thinking about all the dancing , games, and home cooked food he was missing out on he began to cry in misery but not a thought about how he was going to survive the winter popped up in his head the entire time.

   Just then Brer Fox came down the road with a cart filled with fresh fruits and vegetables , whistling a happy little song on his way to the party. He stopped though when he noticed Brer Rabbit.

   “Say Brer Rabbit ,what you doin here all by yourself?” he asked “I though you’d be at the party by now.”

    Brer Rabbit didn’t want to admit that he didn’t do any work so he lied and said,

   “Oh I was on my way there just a moment ago but somebody done come and stole the pies I was bringing so now I can’t go.”

    “I got an idea,” said Brer Fox. “ Why don’t you come with me and we’ll tell them that part of my stuff is yours.”

    Brer Rabbit agreed and had a wonderful time at the party. He danced with a pretty young rabbit girl for most of the night , won all the games except a chess match between him and Brer Fox, and ate till he felt like his stomach would explode. Yes this was probably the best night of his life but he still hadn’t thought anything about the coming winter.

   Before he know it the snow had piled high and it was one of the hardest and coldest winters ever and it had only just started. Poor Brer Rabbit spent several days shivering and starving in his brier patch when he finally had enough. He knew he had to steel food from somewhere since everyone thought he had his own but where exactly that was he didn’t know.

   Then an idea hit him like lightning. He could get it from Brer Fox. You see out of all the animals Brer Fox had the largest garden and grew the biggest and juiciest fruits and vegetables for miles around.

   “Surely he won’t miss it if I just take a little bit.” he said to himself.

    So the next day he went to Brer Fox’s home up on Chickapin Hill with a big cart he borrowed from his neighbor. Lucky for him Brer Fox had chosen that day to go visit some of his relatives and would not be back until that evening. As soon as he entered Brer Fox’s cave he went strait to the cellar where all the food was kept and started loading up the cart.

    Brer Rabbit intended only to take a little bit but as he worked thoughts of how wonderful Brer Fox’s crops  tased from the party  began to fill his head and make his mouth water. So before long he had convinced himself  that it wouldn’t hurt to take a little more and a little more until every last scrap of food Brer Fox had was loaded up and was brought to Brer Rabbit’s brier patch.

    Little did he know that Brer Fox’s neighbor, Brer Bear, happened to wake up from his winter nap to see him leaving with Brer Fox’s food. Of course at the time he thought nothing of it since he knew those two were such good friends and soon drifted off to sleep again.

    Meanwhile Brer Fox was walking home after visiting his family. He was whistling “How do you do?” to himself and was as happy as a clam as he thought of what he wanted for dinner.

   “Maybe a nice beef pot pie with potatoes ,carrots ,mushrooms ,and peas in it.” he thought to himself. “or better yet ,fried chicken with garlic mashed potatoes.” With these thoughts he couldn’t help walking a little bit faster so he could start cooking but when he finally got home and went to take out some food he found his cellar completely empty.

    He stared in shock with his mouth wide open and his ears drooping for a moment before he burst out screaming, “Where’s my food!”

    He slammed the cellar door shut and started searching every nook and cranny of his cave but found not even a crumb. Seeing how late it was by the time he finished his search he had no choice but to go without dinner that night. He wearily went over to his nice warm bed and took off his tan bucket hat before he settled down to sleep, not even bothering to change out of his day clothes.

     For the rest of the winter Brer Fox spent his every waking minute trying to find out where his food went and eventually came to the conclusion that he had been robbed. Soon afterwards he became obsessed with finding the culprit so he could make a meal out of whoever did it. Because of that he often went for days with nothing in his stomach except water he made from the snow and if it wasn’t for his family bringing him small bits of their leftovers every once in awhile he would have died .That is why Brer Fox is so skinny even now.

    Then when Spring had arrived and all the snow had melted Brer Fox finally discovered who the thief was. It was an ordinary day for the most part with Brer Fox doing his best to find the thief and then make whoever it was his long overdue dinner. However he had to stop early and take a break because he was so hungry. Then as he was about to start searching again Brer Bear came up and started talking to him.

    “ Say, uh Brer Fox how come you so skinny? You weren’t like dat the last time I saw ya.”

    “Somebody stole all my food during the winter and when I find out who done it I’m gonna make ‘em pay!” Said Brer Fox.

    Brer Bear took off this red hat and began scratching his head. That sounded very familiar to him somehow. So he asked Brer Fox,

   “You mean you didn’t give Brer Rabbit all dat stuff during the winter?”

    Brer Fox looked at him strangely and Said “What you talking about Brer Bear?”

    “Well uh you see I woke up for a little bit one day and saw Brer Rabbit leaving your cave with a lot of food in his cart. I thought you gave it to ‘im.”

   Brer Fox couldn’t believe his ears, his best friend was the thief who made him miserable for months on end and just about killed him. But then Brer Bear ,though being just about the stupidest person in the country, was also the most truthful. Still it was hard for him to believe without seeing proof so he decided to pay Brer Rabbit a visit.

   “Thank you Brer Bear you’ve been mighty helpful.” he said as he made his way to the brier patch.

   “Your welcome!” shouted Brer Bear then he scratched his head again and thought out loud to himself, “or at least I think so.”

   Meanwhile Brer Fox had made it to Brer Rabbit’s home and decided to peek in through one of the windows. What he saw was a very fat Brer Rabbit just finishing up a feast on what looked too much like the carrots he grew last fall.

    That proved it then. Brer Rabbit was the thief and as such Brer Fox was going to eat him for dinner one of these days even if it was the last thing he ever did. Since Brer Rabbit still didn’t know he was there he decided to wait outside the door.

    “Now that he’s eaten everything he’s got to come out of there sooner or later.” Brer Fox whispered to himself and he was right.

   Just a few minutes after Brer Rabbit finished the last of the food he decided to go for a walk only to find a very angry and incredibly skinny Brer Fox standing in his way.

    Brer Rabbit fidgeted nervously and stuttered “How do you do Brer Fox? I-I haven’t s-seen you in a while.”

     Brer Fox growled and said “I think you know very well how I’ve been and I think you know the reason why too.”

      Brer Rabbit gulped and then fell to his knees.

     “Please don’t do anything to me Brer Fox. I didn’t meen for you to starve. I only meent to take a tiny little bit ,honest.” he begged and sobbed.

     Brer Fox’s anger dimmed for a moment at the sorry state of his old friend but then it all came rushing back when the pain in his stomach grew.

   “Fine,” he said. “But don’t you ever come to me for anything and mark my words Brer Rabbit , I’ll be haven you for dinner one day even if it kills me!”

    With that a still very hungry and fuming Brer Fox went home and he’s been trying to catch Brer Rabbit ever since.



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